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There are currently 28 Classifier Stages available, that are grouped into short and medium courses below.

Medium Courses

Match Classification

For a Division to qualify for Match Classification:

  • It must be a Level III, or higher Match.
  • There must be at least 10 competitors participating (that have IPSC Aliases).
  • If an IPSC World Grand Master is not participating in the Division, at least 30 percent of the participants must already be classified.

When an IPSC World Grand Master participates in the Division being classified, the Match Overall Scores are used unadjusted, otherwise the Match Overall Scores are adjusted as follows to compensate for the missing IPSC World Grand Master's participation:

  • The best two (2) Match Overall scores and the worst five (5) are discarded from scoring variance calculations.
  • If there are twenty-five (25), or more classification participants in the Division, an additional five (5) worst scores are discarded from scoring variance calculations.
  • An average variance between the Divisional Match Overall score and the competitor's IPSC World Classification is calculated for those competitors that have not been discarded.  These variances are then averaged and applied to each competitor's Divisional Match Overall score without allowing the adjusted Divisional Match Overall score to go below zero (0) or above one hundred (100).

Once a Divisional classification has been calculated, it becomes static historical information and does not dynamically respond to new scoring information.

Documents are available in PDF™ format.